Gearing up for Immunizations

  • How do we get it to everyone? — Production and distribution of the vaccine at a massive, international scale
  • How do we ensure everyone has it? — Administration of the vaccine and associated understanding of our progress in that area
  1. Patients are reminded of the need for immunizations by a provider at regular intervals (or decide they need one)
  2. The patient schedules an appointment at an outpatient clinic (pediatrician, primary care provider, pharmacy)
  3. Immunization is administered by a doctor/nurse (generally a shot)
  4. Patient, after overcoming fear of said shot, has slightly bruised spot where the shot was administered for a day, but otherwise is excited and shows off bruise to people for most of that day (what, not everyone behaves like a 12 year old?)
  5. Patient’s body fights off the weakened/dead agent and is now immune due to antibodies
(Lisa is an excellent health tech policy follow, by the way)


  • Submit electronic data to immunization registries/systems
  • Provide electronic submission of reportable lab results to public health agencies
  • Provide electronic syndromic surveillance data to public health agencies
Excellent use of Hoosier to make a memorable acronym. Solid mascot with Disney-esque vibes — 8/10
Strong late ‘90’s energy here. Very professional, but ultimately sterile name and portal. Need more flavor. However, Texas IIS, brought to you by Wisconsin™, is something — 4/10
I get that it’s the straightforward, kinda sporty acronym, but Tennessee and tennis aren’t really peanut butter and jelly — 6.5/10
Feels like they mailed it in on all accounts. We need to hold a contest to help Louisiana do better. Weak logo, but their acronym…isn’t an acronym?- 3/10
Illinois bringing the noise. Acronym delivers on their core message (they seem to care), while the logo delivers the “but we like to party” vibes — 10/10
Iowa and Idaho need to figure their shit out. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul — 0/10
Georgia wins the acronym contest, hands down. It’s one thing to make it your state food, it’s another to enshrine it as your IIS — 8/10

Registries and COVID




Healthcare integration and interoperability advocate. Language learner. Fierce and unrelenting friend of dogs.

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Brendan Keeler

Brendan Keeler

Healthcare integration and interoperability advocate. Language learner. Fierce and unrelenting friend of dogs.

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