• Jan-Felix Schneider

    Jan-Felix Schneider

    Data Scientist working in the tech industry in New York City, writing about topics that I‘m interested in. Check out my newsletter: Janfelix.substack.com

  • Divesh Aidasani

    Divesh Aidasani

    Business, healthcare, and technology enthusiast

  • Gaby


    Digital Health

  • Nolan Johnson

    Nolan Johnson

  • Matthew Muller

    Matthew Muller

  • Andy Pung

    Andy Pung

    Trying to make healthcare a little bit better via www.redoxengine.com

  • Todd Berner

    Todd Berner

    Todd Berner is a pharmaceutical expert with a focus on improving outcomes through patient advocacy, particularly when it comes to rare diseases.

  • Ava Nasrollahzadeh

    Ava Nasrollahzadeh

    Making healthcare interesting to keep you interested. Ex. HBS, BCG, Redesign Health

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